Voice Syllabus

  • Conservatory levels are determined by the current Syllabi of either the Royal Conservatory of Music or Conservatory Canada.
  • All repertoire for the Graded concert classes must be found in the current Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus or Conservatory Canada Syllabus. No exceptions will be permitted.
  • Musical theatre and pop pieces, even if listed in an official syllabus, are not permitted unless otherwise noted.

Some important notes for this year’s Festival:

  • Accompaniment should be piano-only tracks (no orchestral tracks or tracks with backing vocals) or live, if the accompanist lives in-house.
  • Students will be given a specific day/time and Zoom link in advance.  They will perform in real time for the adjudicator and the other members of their class.
  • Registration closes on October 15, 2020.

Concert Classes

RCM Preparatory – Level 5 & CC Level 1 – 5

  • Participants must perform two (2) contrasting selections.
  • All selections must be sung in a language accepted by the current syllabus.
  • A selection from the next higher level will NOT be permitted.
Class 100: RCM Preparatory Level$35.00More Information
Class 101: RCM & CC Level 1$35.00More Information
Class 102: RCM & CC Level 2$35.00More Information
Class 103: RCM & CC Level 3$35.00More Information
Class 104: RCM & CC Level 4$35.00More Information
Class 105: RCM & CC Level 5$35.00More Information

RCM & CC Levels 6-Associate

  • Participants must perform three (3) contrasting selections.
  • Students must perform in at least two different languages.
  • All selections must be sung in a language accepted by the current syllabus.
Class 106: RCM & CC Level 6$35.00More Information
Class 107: RCM & CC Level 7$35.00More Information
Class 108: RCM & CC Level 8$35.00More Information
Class 109: RCM & CC Level 9$35.00More Information
Class 110: RCM & CC Level 10$40.00More Information
Class 111: RCM & CC Associate Level$40.00More Information

Adjudication-Only: Singer/Song Writer

  • Performers of all ages and levels are welcome.
  • Each participant shall perform one (1) original composition.
  • All types of accompaniments are permitted including backing tracks. Singers need to provide own equipment and/or player if using a backing track.
Class 1100: Singer/Song Writer$25.00More Information

Adjudication-Only: Family Music-Open

  • Open to all song choices including mash-ups and instrumental accompaniment(s).
  • Each performance must include two (2) or more family members. Performers and ensembles of all ages and levels are welcome.
  • Each family shall perform one (1) selection.
  • Important: Only one person needs to register for the family.
Class 1200: Family Music - Open$25.00More Information