Popular Voice Syllabus

  • All selections should be age, voice type and gender/gender identification appropriate.
  • No musical theatre selections
  • Accompaniment may be pre-recorded or live, but only by solo instrument. No bands or backup vocals.
  • Microphones, keyboard & amps will be provided
  • Students will NOT get a sound check before their performance
  • Tracks due AT LEAST 48hrs in advance of your class.

Popular Voice Ensembles

  • Participants must perform one (1) selection.
  • Tracks due AT LEAST 48hrs in advance of your class.
  • The average age of ensemble members is to be used to determine which class to enter.
  • Only ONE member of the ensemble needs to register for the class.

Class 5049: Beginner 6-8$30.00More Information
Class 5050: Primary 9-10$30.00More Information
Class 5051: Elementary 11-12$30.00More Information
Class 5052: Junior 13-14$30.00More Information
Class 5053: Intermediate 15-16$30.00More Information
Class 5054: Senior 17-18$30.00More Information
Class 5055: Advanced 19-28$30.00More Information
Class 5056: Adult 29+$30.00More Information