Music Theatre Syllabus

  • All selections should be age, voice type and gender/gender identification appropriate.
  • Selections that are primarily patter (spoken) will not be accepted.
  • Spoken passages are allowed only if published in the score provided.
  • Minimum props and costumes are encouraged providing change can be made quickly between selections in concert classes. Costumes and props will NOT be judged.
  • Competitors may use costumes, up to two (2) hand-held props per selection, and stage movement (no dance break).
  • All selections are to be sung from a published score. Transpositions are permitted.
  • Please note that selections must be from a musical theatre production and may NOT be cabaret, mash-ups, Glee arrangements or pop songs.

Concert Class

  • Participants must perform two (2) contrasting selections from staged musical theatre productions.
  • The choice of materials will be taken into consideration by the adjudicator.

Class 2000: Beginner: Girls & Boys 6-8 years$35.00More Information
Class 2001: Primary: Girls & Boys 9-10 years$35.00More Information
Class 2002: Elementary: Girls & Boys 11-12 years$35.00More Information
Class 2003: Junior: Girls & Boys 13-14 years$35.00More Information
Class 2004: Intermediate: Girls & Boys 15-16 years$40.00More Information
Class 2005: Senior: Girls & Boys 17-18 years$40.00More Information
Class 2006: Advanced: Male & Female 19 & Over$40.00More Information

Canadian Composer

  • Participants need to perform one (1) selection from a Canadian theatre production.
  • The selection must be composed by a Canadian, or where at least one of the composers is Canadian.
  • For this festival, a Canadian composer is defined as a composer who is either native to the country of Canada, is a citizen of Canada, or has spent a major portion of his/her career living and working in Canada.
  • Participants may not sing a self-composed selection.

Class 2700: Girls & Boys 8 & under$25.00More Information
Class 2701: Girls & Boys 9-10 years$25.00More Information
Class 2702: Girls 11-12 years$25.00More Information
Class 2703: Boys 11-12 years$25.00More Information
Class 2704: Girls 13-14 years$25.00More Information
Class 2705: Boys 13-14 years$25.00More Information
Class 2706: Girls 15-16 years$25.00More Information
Class 2707: Boys 15-16 years$25.00More Information
Class 2708: Girls 17-18 years$25.00More Information
Class 2709: Boys 17-18 years$25.00More Information
Class 2710: Male & Female 19 & over$25.00More Information



  • Participants must be in their first (1st) year of private voice lessons, and/or be in their first music festival experience.
  • Performers shall perform one (1) selection of his/her choice from any staged musical theatre production.

Class 3000: Girls & Boys 12 & under$25.00More Information
Class 3001: Girls & Boys 16 & under$25.00More Information
Class 3002: Male & Female 19 & under$25.00More Information
Class 3003: Adults 20 & over$25.00More Information


Adjudication-Only: Masterclass

  • Each performer may sing one (1) selection of his/her choice from any staged musical theatre production.
  • Adjudicator will spend 15 minutes (including performance of piece) with each performer.

Class 3200: Girls & Boys 14-18 years$45.00More Information
Class 3201: Male & Female 19 & over$45.00More Information