Covid-19 Protocols

To help keep everyone safe during this year's festival, the following protocols will be in place for performers, parents, teachers and accompanists.

Before You Arrive

  • Fill in your online screening form
  • Bring your Vaccine passports and identification
  • Only one spectator permitted per performer
  • No sheet music is required this year due to Covid-19

As You Arrive

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times, except to perform. Performers will be given a baggie as they arrive to place their mask in before they perform.
  • Stay in your vehicle until your exact class start time. Enough time has been reserved to allow for safe entries, exits, and time to sanitize before the start of the next class. -Enter on the north side of the church (closest to Upper Middle)
  • Have your passport (proof of vaccination and Identification) for both performer and spectator. -Move directly into the sanctuary and sit in your designated place to sit (spots are numbered 1-6)
  • Performer and Spectator sit together at designated spot.

Class Structure

  • An announcement will be made at the start of the class
  • The adjudicator will welcome each performer up when she is ready
  • When your name is called, move up behind the plexiglass and then you can safely remove your mask and place it in the baggie (put off to the side)
  • After the performance, put on your mask and return to your seat
  • After all performances, the adjudicator will comment on your performances and may ask you to come to the stage behind the plexiglass for a mini-workshop. During this time, you will need to continue to wear your mask.

After the Class

  • Performers/Audience members will all exit through the doors at the front of the church and exit the building through the South entrance.
  • Please remain physically distanced and wait until you have exited the building before socializing
  • The adjudication sheets will be mailed to you by the end of the day with your standing indicated on the form

Covid Protocols for the Teachers/Accompanists

  • Follow the steps above
  • There will be designated spots for Accompanists and Teachers - please remain socially distanced at all times
  • Accompanists must sanitize their hands before playing for each student (Hand sanitizer is provided)